About Us

VAISHNAVI’S KITCHEN hopes to inspire you to cook more vegan/vegetarian dishes in your day-to-day busy life.

We’re Avinash and Chanel, a husband & wife team currently based in Radhadesh, Belgium. Chanel creates the recipes, writes the content, designs & manages the technical side of the site, and Avinash cooks and takes the beautiful pictures. Our children are the drive behind this dream of ours. Vaishnavi’s Kitchen is named after our daughter. We as a family love cooking and eating it, as well!
If you like our blog, be sure to check out our Free Cookbook.
We love seeing what you cook up from our site, so please let us know by taking a picture and tagging it #vaishnavirecipe on Instagram.


3 thoughts on “About Us

    1. HI, tara!
      Where are u from? Please contact me by email shyam.lie@gmail.com and let’s chat about the details.
      I do bake wedding cakes. I have baked 4 this year for 150 guests approx per wedding. I did not try making ekadasi wedding cakes, but it is not impossible.
      greetings, Shyamsakhi

  1. I only noticed now this is a old message. Anyway if you are interested in other cake orders, feel free to contact us.We apologize for being inactive. With the birth of my second child, this project was on hold.

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